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Show your Yahoo calendars in KOrganizer ? so easy…

A few days ago, Jeremy explained how to add your Google calendars to Kontact, how about doing the same with your Yahoo calendars ?

Thanks to the DAV resource, adding external calendars became quite easy, let’s see how to do.

Start KOrganizer, in the calendars list, right-click and select ‘Add Calendar’

In the list of calendars type, select the DAV groupware resource and press ‘OK’

In the groupware server list, choose  Zimbra then ‘Next’

Now enter ‘‘ in the Host field and check the Use secure connection box. Do NOT add https:// before the URL

After pressing ‘Next’, press the Test connection button

and enter your Yahoo login and password

The earlier dialog will tell you if anything went wrong

You’re almost done, after pressing next, you may change the display name (that will appear in the KOrganizer calendars list) and press edit

The next dialog will show your settings for this resource. Click on fetch to make sure your Yahoo calendars are correctly listed

Voila, if you press OK to the opened dialogs now, your calendars will magically appear in KOrganizer

But… hey wait, have you noticed the carddav item in the previous dialog ? What happens if we try to add our Yahoo contacts ? Let’s see…

Press the Add button

Choose CardDAV.

In the Remote URL field, enter

In the Username field, enter your email

Press OK to the opened dialogs and You will see the result the next time you launch KAdressbook

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29 April 2011 at 23:57

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