More KDevelop plugins available for openSUSE testers

If you read Niko Sams‘ blog, you probably already know that the Quanta plugins were split and are now independent projects.

We have some good news for openSUSE crazy testers, most of these plugins are now available in the KDE:Unstable:Playground repository!

Currently 15 plugins are available:
– kdev-control-flow-graph
– kdev-css
– kdev-executebrowser
– kdev-krazy2
– kdev-mercurial
– kdev-php (+ kdev-php-docs)
– kdev-python
– kdev-qmake
– kdev-xtest
– kdev-ruby
– kdev-sql
– kdev-upload
– kdev-valgrind
– kdev-xdebug

These packages are GIT snapshots built with kdevplatform and kdevelop also from GIT.

The plugins that are not in this list either don’t build (kdev-java), are not finished yet (kdev-xml, kdev-php-formatter, kdev-crossfire) or may be added in the future if some users are interested in them (kdev-ninja, kdev-perforce)


As suggested by the repository name, these are unstable packages that may break at any time.
The packages are updated when  a couple commits or some serious crash fixes are pushed.

You will find more information about the KDE repositories on this page:
Please note that the new packages are not available for openSUSE 11.4 nor for KDE:Release:47.

Once the repository added and enabled, you may install the kdevelop4-extra-plugins meta package. It will handle the various dependencies.
Bug reports shall be submitted to, kdevelop or kdevplatform product.



Written by krop

11 November 2012 at 15:59

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  1. Nice 😀

    I would remove kdev-xtest (completely outdated and superseded by plugin in kdevelop) and kdev-valgrind (afaik unsupported).

    kdev-ninja on the other hand is supported and useful.

    Niko Sams

    11 November 2012 at 19:50

    • we have another issue then, the ninja tools are not available in any opensuse version 🙂


      15 November 2012 at 11:05

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